"Her writing is catchy enough for pop sensationalism while raw, witty and poetic enough to derive a pastoral Joni Mitchell vibe—begging to instigate an onslaught of nostalgic memories for anyone who has the pleasure of listening." -Alaina Oehrlein | the REDCURRENT 

"There is something entrancing about Stacy K that is both vulnerable and mesmerizing." -ANDREA SWENSSON | The Local Show 89.3 the Current




Hometown: Sleepy Eye, MN

Current Location: Mankato, MN

Instrumentation: solo or full band

Plays: guitar, bass, piano, sings 



Stacy K has been playing music her entire life, although it was not always her intention as a career. Originally from Sleepy Eye, MN she got her start performing with the popular Midwest band The Johnny Holm Band. After that she would spend time in Minneapolis going to school for vocal performance and songwriting. While in the cities Stacy K would begin to create and perform her own music. One of her most recognized previous projects is Hotel Colfax, which would lead to her being recognized by The Current as “Best New Act To Keep An Eye On.” In her newest project Stacy K breaks from her previous style of folk and reinvents her sound to become more “art-pop-rock” experimenting with computer, drum machines, and synths. This new sound is evident in her recently released single Feels Good. Her upcoming album is expected to drop this fall. The new album is deeply personal and speaks to the long road to sobriety and the joy of becoming a new mother. Stacy is now deeply involved in the Mankato music scene playing with her band, working as a music educator, and spinning vinyl records at the Hub. Stacy K provides Rathaus with four of her new songs as we walked around downtown New Ulm on a hot summer evening. We’re really excited for these ones and hope you enjoy it. It’ll be live at 5PM. Link in bio.