"Her writing is catchy enough for pop sensationalism while raw, witty and poetic enough to derive a pastoral Joni Mitchell vibe—begging to instigate an onslaught of nostalgic memories for anyone who has the pleasure of listening." -Alaina Oehrlein | the REDCURRENT 

"There is something entrancing about Stacy K that is both vulnerable and mesmerizing." -ANDREA SWENSSON | The Local Show 89.3 the Current




Hometown: Sleepy Eye, MN

Current Location: Minneapolis, MN

Instrumentation: solo or full band

Plays: guitar, bass, piano, sings 



STACY K [usually] plays live with:


Keys, Guitar / Dave Mehling

Guitar / Darin Rieland, Steve Sullivan
Bass / Beau Jeffrey, Andrew Foreman
Drums / Jason McGlone